A day of rest

Did I write today?  Definitely I did.  Did I write towards my book?  No.   Sunday is more a day of rest for me.  I try, when I can, to take Sunday to relax, recharge, spend it with family, and think.  Of course, I still wanted to commit to my writing schedule.  Write every day for a month. Today, I wrote in private. Day One is done, and I’d say I wrote, but it was a slow steady first baby step.  Wobbly, yet confident.

When I look back on writing today, What did I learn?

Photo Walking Chicago Parks

Lesson 1: Focus on the special moments, and you will find them.

Lesson 2: Carving time to write between current obligations is definitely going to be a challenge. I may have to use the same bat time, same bat channel philosophy and let other projects flow in between.  Depends on how big an importances I want to make for this project.

Lesson 3:  It is easier to procrastinate later in the day rather than earlier.

Time to go.  Good Night.