What do people say about Scott?

Here’s a smattering of post-class reviews

Of all the tech classes that I have attended (and the list is extensive) I have to say that Scott’s handling of a class that is condensed to a three-day timespan is impecable and inspiring to a person who performs technical training himself. (mike@*********.com)

Very good presentation style. (ANONYMOUS05630990)

Scott definitely can keep the class alive which can be very helpful. He’s very animated!! That’s a great quality to have as an instructor. (ANONYMOUS06094848)

Scott is the best instructor I have got so far with the Microsoft trainings. (ANONYMOUS06398304)

Great Enthusiasm! You really know your stuff. (tony.***@*********.com)

The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject, has excellent presentations and analogies that makes it easier for me to understand each topic. (be*****@***bus.com)

The class was great and so was the instructor. Great attitude and great explanations that really helped me understand A+ more and better my IT proffession. (*garcia@*******1.org)

Scott did a great job teaching this class (ch******@**.com)

Very good instructor who was not difficult to understand (ANONYMOUS09767901)

Loved that the instructor was accessible and was willing to answer in-depth questions that were sometimes even above the class material. He made the class worthwhile for me, when it could have been very dry. (ANONYMOUS10185545)

Scott seemed very knowledgable about SQL. He appears to be very knowledgable and he is helpful and animated in the class. His energy is especially helpful at the end of the day when people are tired. (ANONYMOUS06940958)

Instructor was awesome. Very energetic. (ANONYMOUS07006820)

Great use of visual resources. (Frank.****@*****.com)

Very good and animated presentation of the material. (ANONYMOUS10257584)

good explanations of terms and content in class (s******@el********.org)

Scott did a fantastic job. I have a better understanding of how to optimize and fine tune queries in SQL Server. Thanks Scott. (ANONYMOUS10563614)

Knowledgeable and found answers to any questions he did not know. (ANONYMOUS10649880)

Scott is excellent. I will like to take the different classes taught by him. (ANONYMOUS10668196)

Scott is a very good instructor and bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. (ANONYMOUS10996215)

Scott did a great job overall and is clearly VERY knowledgeable. (ANONYMOUS11125858)

Instructor is top notch in the field that this class covered. Offered wonderful real-world experience and tips. Addressed every question that I came with. (ANONYMOUS11613162)

Very engaging instructor. Was knowledgeable and kept class moving. (ANONYMOUS11765485)