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Technology and Business Consulting

Scott offers full service IT outsourcing to Medium and Small Businesses as well as Smaller Departments in Larger Conglomerates. Instead of hiring and supporting IT staff, you can hire Scott to be your Virtual Director of IT.  Scott works with your organization’s leaders to implement technology strategies supporting the company’s core businesses. When the projects require, Scott works with his virtual partnerships to provide the experts necessary to assure successful business and technology implementations.

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Coaching and Mentoring

For aspiring Technologists, Business Managers, Consultants, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Trainers, Scott provides both teleconference and face-to-face mentoring to help you reach your next destination in your journey whether it be a life, career, or business goal. Scott’s unique blend of exceptional training and consulting offers you the perspectives and hints to get you kick started.  We’ll devise a strategy that fits your personality.

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Public Speaking

As a trainer, technologist, and businessman, Scott offers unique insights into businesses. Scott can either offer talks on Technology topics of interest or he can tailor a Meeting to the business.  Hire Scott to speak to your organization today.

Current Speaking Titles that may interest you:

  • How can Social Media enhance your Business Marketing strategy?
  • The Three T’s of a Trainer’s or Educator’s Success.
  • Internet and Web Infrastructure for the layperson: What really happens when I go to a webpage?
  • Using Mindmapping for Accelerated Brainstorming Collaborations.
  • Open Sources vs. Closed Source Web Infrastructure Stack, a compare and contrast.
  • Five critical keys to personal Finance Success.
  • The Slow Weigh to Weight Loss.
  • Read, Experiment, Implement.

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Technology Training

You name it, Scott has trained students in it.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Scott has been delivering technology training since 1999. During that time Scott trained students to learn a wide array of technologies from MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA to the newer MCTS and MCITP for SQL Server.  In addition to infrastructure training, Scott provides training on Web Development using, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AJAX and Web Design using Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop, CSS and HTML.  Finally, Scott has offered soft skills training on subjects such as Train the Trainer, Project Management, Personal Finance, Social Networking, Personal Fitness, and Personal Productivity.

Hire Scott Today to deliver your current technology class.  His current hot specialities include:

  • SQL Server 2005
  • Web Development and Design
  • Social Media and Networking Strategies
  • Small Business Internet Marketing
  • WordPress Implementations and Blogging

This sounds like Scott is a “Jack of all trades, Master of none.”  – Do you seriously do it all?  Yes I do!

I’d like to call myself more a Polymath or a Renaissance man than a Jack of all trades.   Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, and Theodore Roosevelt can all be considered polymaths. While I don’t contend that I have achieved their level of greatness, I do my best to read, experiment, and implement in a variety of technology, business, and social subjects. I have always enjoyed being an expert in many areas rather than the expert in one area. In fact, my degree from the University of Illinois is a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences. A general degree for a Strong Generalist.

I look forward to working with you.

—Scott Stawarz, octāvity
scott [at] octavity [dot] com