View Label Gridlines or Label Outlines in Office 2007

As part of my IT Director position, I often have to support users with various end user questions.

One of the questions I had recently,

We upgraded our Microsoft Office from Office xx to Office 2007. I now open my labels for mail merge, and I don’t see the gridlines. How do I get them back?

How to enable the virtual outlines or gridlines for labels in Microsoft Office 2007:

  1. Open a Document that has been set-up for labels.
  2. click the Table Tools Menu Panel (I forget what Office 2007 official terminology is for this)
  3. Select the Borders Choice
  4. Click View Gridlines

Here are some screenshots:

First Step is Open a Document that has labels in it.


Next Step:  Click the Table Menu Panel


Third Step:  Select the Borders Choice


Fourth Step:  Select View Gridlines

View Gridlines

Voila:  We  now have gridlines

Alas Gridlines