The Small Business Blogging Exercise Plan

Writing Blog posts is something I know I NEED to do.  In fact it is something I WANT to do.  Yet, I have not been consistent.  Why is that and How can I change that if it is really something I want to do?

First let’s back track and give a little a story.


an expert who gives advice

As a Computer and Business Consultant, that’s my role.  I’m an expert who gives advice. Recently, I’ve been doing more and more consulting around Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. People who are used to traditional marketing must adjust their plans to today’s consumer dominating market.  Here’s an example I like to use:

Triathlon TrainingImagine you are training for a triathlon.  Your current activity level is getting up out of bed, driving to work, and coming home to go to sleep.  In other words, you don’t exercise.  What would you recommend for this person wanting to train for a triathlon?

  • Would you recommend they sign up for a Triathlon tomorrow? -or-
  • Would you recommend they train to build the stamina and muscles necessary to complete a triathlon?

Of course, the answer for most people is the second one.  We must crawl before we walk, and we must walk before we run.  Sure, some people say, just jump in the pool and get started. Yet, I have seen people who do that give up very early.  They try to build too many muscles and too many habits at once.

Now, let’s compare that to Blogging and Social Media.  You’ve heard all these great things about twitter, facebook, and blogging, and know you need to get your business or your own personal brand more search engine optimization.  In other words, you want to get more business.  Do you, just start twittering, blogging, and asking everyone to become a fan of yours on facebook?

It seems ludicrous, but that is exactly what some businesses do.  In fact, I have made the mistake myself.  Blogging and Micro-blogging is a muscle.  It takes thought and creativity to generate the content necessary.  If your company culture is not set-up to promote that inner-creativity of content generation, it is going to take time and methodical practice to build those muscles.

The Small Business Blogging Exercise Plan.

To paraphrase Twyla Tharp, Creativity is a habit.  We must take time to build that habit and build the muscle of creativity.  The more we use it the better we get.  It takes time.

So, my suggestion is to pick one thing and do it.  Twitter, Facebook, blogging, email newsletters, or youtube.  It doesn’t matter which one, just take consistent small actions on one of the major social media marketing techniques.

Which one to start?

It is easier to start with twitter or facebook since the quantity of content by their very nature is short and sweet, but you’ll get the greatest Search Engine results from blogging.  Be consistent.  The Same Bat Time, the Same Bat Channel.  In other words, create a plan for yourself. Here is an example workout plan.

  • Every Monday brainstorm blog post ideas.
  • Every Tuesday write one twitter update.
  • Every Wednesday write the draft for your blog post.
  • Every Thursday write one facebook update.
  • Every Friday revise your draft of your blog post, and include a photo. Schedule your Blog post for the next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • Every Saturday find one blog post to comment on and leave value.
  • Every Sunday record your progress, meditate on your activities, and rest.

The key here is consistent activity.  For someone who is completely new to social media marketing, this plan above would be too intensive.

If you were a complete new person, your plan might be:

  • Monday:  Read Twitter Updates
  • Tuesday:  Read Facebook updates
  • Wednesday:  Read Google News Updates
  • Thursday:  Read Google Blog updates
  • Friday:  comment on someone’s blog.
  • Saturday and Sunday Rest.

I’ve used this parable in the past, Sparse-ness Where are you?, The cobbler’s children go barefoot.  I’m good at what I do. My clients and students say:  I give great advice, I am excellent trainer, and I can create and execute multiple technical plans.  Writing blog posts is still a weak muscle for me.  One that I too must exercise more often.

What’s your Blogging Exercise plan?

Don’t have one?

Contact me and we can create a custom plan for you.